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Vital Teams Dashboard

The Vital Teams Dashboard gives you clear and actionable insight about the effectiveness and vitality of your team.  Track your team's effectiveness with the online Vital Teams survey up to 4 times per year. It’s quick to complete, and gives you immediate feedback about your team’s effectiveness in a Dashboard style report.  Within minutes you are able to identify exactly what practices and habits need to change to improve the performance of your team.

You are in control of when to run the Dashboard surveys. As the Leader of the team, you set the survey dates that best suit your team. For instance, you might want to check your team’s progress every quarter.

The Dashboard measures only what really matters. Your team’s effectiveness is measured against 7 Dimensions of Vital Teams - based on decades of academic and applied research into what REALLY makes a difference with team performance.

Team members need less than 10 minutes to complete the Vital Teams Survey. It focuses only on the habits that make a real difference to team performance.

Honest feedback is critical to team improvement. So the Dashboard preserves anonymity. Only summary results are shown.

The Dashboard uses easy-to-read “temperature dials” to summarise your results. You and your team can easily review your Dashboard and make immediate improvements. Track your progress by conducting multiple surveys throughout the year. You also have access to practical tips to make real improvements.

You can access the Dashboard anytime, anywhere. Teams working across multiple sites can track their progress and use our support locally or through video link. Organisations can use the Dashboard to monitor and support their teams wherever they are.


Expert Support

The power of Vital Teams is that you are able to make many improvements yourself. But when you need a helping hand, our experienced facilitators provide you with the coaching, facilitation or training you need to improve your Team effectiveness.

This is not about “playing team games”. We help your team take whatever action is needed to build greater vitality and performance in your team.

“Insight to Action” Sessions

  • As standard for your first Dashboard result, our expert facilitators conduct a team debrief and action planning session.
  • This sets you on your way to take immediate action on your results. We provide you with our very intuitive “Insight to Action” process so that you can run your own action planning for all subsequent Dashboard results.

Vital Teams Action Workshops

  • Team Clarifier – 1-Day workshop to clarify team goals, roles and expectations.
  • Team Insights – 1-Day workshop to improve or repair team relationships
  • Tailored Workshops – our experienced consultants are able to tailor a workshop to address your team’s unique needs

Skills for Leading Vital Teams

  • On-site sessions or webinars covering essential skills for the 7 Dimensions of Vital Teams
  • Individual coaching for leaders – to provide hands-on skills, advice and guidance to create Vital Teams

Tools for Action

Because we believe in enabling you to make your own team improvements, you can access a range of practical and well tested tools to improve your team's effectiveness and vitality.

The tools enable you to

  • Clarify everyone’s role in the team
  • Clarify the Team Purpose and Goals
  • Set expectations about Behaviours in the team
  • Clarify how team decisions should be made
  • Ensure everyone drives for performance and accountability
  • Have team meetings that are productive and have a real energy to them
  • Assist team members to have open and honest conversations about the big issues facing the team
  • Build greater trust among team members

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